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Here are some of the terms you are going to hear about as you explore the world of cryptocurrencies, Click on the links to learn more!

This refers to the process of creating new coins within a particular altcoin as well as the verification of transactions on a block.


This is effectively the list of all transaction since the beginning of the particular altcoin which is available to every user of the cryptocurrency


Proof of Work
This is the system used within the mining of particular altcoins like Bitcoin & Ethereum it is effectively proof of how much computational/hashpower you have sacrificed in order to mine a block


Proof of Stake
This a newer system which costs far less than proof of work and is dependant on actual owners of the specific digital currency staking some or all of their coins in order to help the network run efficiently


Segregated Witness
A fairly new update which effectively reduces the size of a block by separating the signature from the transaction block. This can be implemented into a cryptocurrency in order to speed up the network


Soft Fork
In simple terms this is an update which is not mandatory and only requires the majority of the miners to upgrade so they are able to enforce the new rules/changes


Hard Fork
A hard fork is effectively an update which will completely diverge the blockchain meaning that the update must be done by all of the users


Bitcoin Improvement Proposals come about when the current state of the network is struggling to keep up with increasing transactions and other ever changing factors


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