The Equi ICO by Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman

They say the ICO space might be dying down, but there are still quite a few interesting projects that could be ones to watch.

There are few currently out there that are related supply chain, content publishing and realms of finance and then there are the ones that related to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, real estate and so much more.

A new project that might be of interest is Equi; the project is being led by Michelle Mone, the founder of the Ultimo lingerie brand. Michelle is working with a billionaire businessman and partner named Doug Barrowman on the new online investment space called Equi. These successful business mavens will be in the process of raising money for their new venture, one based in the industry of cryptocurrencies.

Mone and the wealthy businessman Doug Barrowman will be seeking to raise more than seventy million through the newly popular investment medium of an Initial Coin Offering. Through the coin offering the team will sell their Equi tokens in exchange for the funds needed to develop, run and market their operations.

Equi Capital

The team will be selling their Equi Tokens in ERC-20 Standard format on the Ethereum platform. The project that they are raising funds for will be their Equi Platform; this platform will serve as an innovative online token that should transform the venture capital market.

According to the Equi Capital website, this will serve as ” an opportunity to be part of a powerful new investment movement. EQUI bridges the crypto community with the traditional venture capital market.” This is certainly a novel idea, as venture capitalists have wondered how the mechanism of the Initial Coin Offering would disrupt and change their roles in the investment landscape.

The ultimate goal of the project? Work to open up venture capital to regular investors. Individuals who participate and purchase Equi Tokens in their upcoming Initial Coin Offering will have the ability to be a part of this new open investment movement. These investors will be able to access the Equi platform and browse through potential investment candidates, make decisions on the type of projects that they want to fund and use the Equi tokens to actually fund the projects.

One may think, wait, this seems like crowdfunding inception,  I’m participating in a crowdfunding mechanism to help a project open up its own crowdfunding platform? Where’s the innovation in that?

The team suggests that project is moving the field forward because the tokens themselves can be a form of investment as well, allowing the holder of the token to be able to trade Equi tokens on exchanges as well. The investor who participates in the Equi crowd sale will have the option of being able to hold and see the potential rise of their Equi token, exchange it when they want to liquidate it and then they can also use it to invest in projects on the Equi platform.

The appeal of the project may be the fact that investors will be able to realize gains of over sixty percent on projects that they have invested in.  Then, investors who simply hold the Equi token and don’t make any investments can realize at least five percent of profits.

Furthermore, the concept can be more interesting because the project leaders of Equi are going to be conducting due diligence on companies and projects that they place on their platform.

Of course, it helps that Barrowman has his own private equity firm, a firm called Aston Ventures, making him well versed in the challenges that businesses face and the possibilities of success or failure, thus giving him an edge and added expertise in conducting due diligence. Equi would have main operations focus one aspect, one item that all venture capitalists have to spar with, deal flow. Top venture capitalists don’t have to strive as hard to generate deals, so it will be interesting to see how Equi Capital does in this regard and what caliber of initial and ongoing investment candidates that they will have on their website. The initial companies that they will have will be those of the tech, healthcare and blockchain based sectors.

Whats Mone’s Role?

Mone will be one of the key advisers to companies who are placed on their platform. A key value-add that venture capitalist firms provide is that of advice and guidance, they help to steer, if needed, companies in their portfolio, in the right direction.

Mone commented to BI:

“When Doug told me about Equi last year, I was so excited to be coming and helping the team to help the entrepreneurs, I think that’s never really been done before with a whole board of seriously successful business people.”

Equi ICO

The Equi Capital Pre-sale will be launching in twenty-two days; their public ICO will start on March 8th.

It will certainly be an interesting project to watch, will you be participating?

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