AdHive – The First AI-Controlled Influencer Marketing Platform

The wonderful world of advertising evolves on a regular basis, evolution in this world of advertising is not a matter of want, or of luxury, it is more, a matter of necessity. The way consumers receive their content and react to ads may differ as the days go by, thus reaching these consumers requires different forms of growth for the advertising industry and the businesses that they serve.

Adhive is coming and is seeking to disrupt the market, taking it to a higher form of evolution.

How does Adhive seek to disrupt?

How, you ask?

They are infusing the technologies of artificial intelligence into the influencer driven marketing platform, to bring further innovation to that of the ad industry.

Adhive is seeking to implement a streamlined way for bloggers and other sort of content related businesses to be able to grow their operations in regards to native ads in a more efficient manner. The company is seeking to implement artificial intelligence and the aspect of community collaboration to improve current processes.

Advertisers would essentially place a task, and the algorithm would run through the process of what it is designed to do and seek out different influencer platforms that range from videos, blogs, social media and more. The algorithm would also seek for both sensory options, that of the visual and auditory aspects. It searches and scans for tasks that have been completed in the manner requested for by the advertiser and automatically doles out compensation in ADH, if requirements are met.

Another aspect of the platform is that members of the Ad Hive community are able to generate ADH income by serving as reviewers of the quality advertising content.

The co founder of the platform states:

Blockchain in ads (as it is with other fields) ensures transparency in the execution of campaigns and financial settlements. Using a single token for all transactions allows for advertisers to easily launch international campaigns. The use of a single token streamlines the process, solving the problem of cross border payments and micropayments. There will now, be significantly lower transactional conversion fees.

How will the token be used?

ADH will contribute toward utility for two parties, advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers will be benefit from ADH through the aspect of transparency and that of accountability which will come from smart contracts. Bloggers will be able to enjoy another method of generating money for their content, without having to worry about various different other metrics that they have to worry about right now.

Initial Coin Offering

They are seeking to deploy their token, ADH, via their Initial Coin Offering in the middle of this year. Their Token Pre-sale is set to start in the month of January, and on the tenth day. The Pre-sale is set to run until the twenty seventh of January.

A total of 450,000,000 ADH will be deployed and will carry an exchange rate of 2,000 ADH for 1 ETH. This will be the final set and limit of token supply, if there are any excess tokens, they will promptly be burned.

They will be utilizing a bancor protocol to minimize liquidity risks.

It will certainly be an ERC20 token and ranks 10 in the Howey Test risk score making it an unlikely security.

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