After finishing their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token sale on 17th August 2017, the Agrello platform’s ERC20 DELTA tokens were temporarily trading on an IOU basis at an astronomical 0.00343 BTC each.

The price during the ICO was 0.00013 BTC, meaning if deposits were being accepted at that time, any early investor would have been able to sell for a 2500% gain.

Seems good to be true, and on this occasion unfortunately it was.

Deposits are now being accepted on HitBTC, but the now live trading price is 0.000089 BTC, 31% less than the price during the ICO.

Bad news for DELTA token holders for now, but the platform which is being developed to allow anyone in the world create and implement legally binding smart contracts does have huge potential.

At the moment, the platform is still under development and there is no usage demand for the tokens as yet.

In the future when the platform launches and users start utilising the tokens, demand will grow assuming everything goes according to plan, and the price is likely to rise.

The Estonian team, whom have 45 years combined experience working in the legal system have been gaining momentum and interest from top Estonian legal firms according to an article on the Agrello Blog.

The article highlights 2 of Estonia’s most prominent legal firms, Attela and Lextal and indicates they will begin using the Agrello platform early 2018 when development is completed.

The current low price may prove an ideal opportunity for those confident believers who see the potential the technology can have. It’s surely one to watch in the future as the race to the moon continues!

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