What Is Cointed? & Why You Need To Know About It

Cointed exists to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into the real world. There is a growing community of people that are aware of the promise of value creation in cryptocurrencies. Yet, there are a couple of problems’ that they face.

The first and primary one is the ability to quickly, easily and reliably convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currency. The second problem that cryptocurrency investors face is to initially be able to securely purchase cryptocurrencies. The solution of providing a reliable exchange helps to solve the problems of security and convenience and meets the needs of consumers, giving them the ability to safely exchange fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Cryptocurrencies are growing in demand by both individual consumers as well as many businesses across the world, providing Cointed a massive opportunity to serve as an intermediary and meet their needs.


Cointed was started in 2015 by Wolfgang Thaler and Christopher Reider who had been involved in the field of bitcoin for years and frequently ran into the problem that they are looking to solve, quickly obtaining cryptocurrencies in a safe and reliable manner. Cointed has been in operation and has grew to become a leader in Europe for the cryptocurrency market. The cointed team have grown through their exchange, bitcoin ATM’s and other products and services. Having a history provides Cointed with an advantage of proving that they are able to deal with consumers and have the ability build and sustain a growing and profitable business operation.

Key Services Provided

  • Cryptocurrency Trading on the Cointed crypto exchange.
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency ATMs
    (Cointed serves as the largest provider in the Europe Market), their Bitcoin ATM’s can be found in four countries (Austria, France, Italy, Turkey) and across a hundred locations.
  • Payment Solutions
    These solutions can be implemented in both ecommerce shops and platforms and can be integrated into existing cash register systems. The ability of Cointed to have a dual approach of providing this value added service to consumer in their online and offline purchases, helps to give Cointed an additional way to meet it’s goals of making cryptocurrencies flow easily in the real world. Their product, Payco, is concentrated on being a bitcoin based payment system which allows merchants of various sizes to accept bitcoin transactions online or in shop. The benefit to the consumer is convenience, the benefit for the business is lower transaction costs.
  • Green Mining at multiple mining farms throughout Europe. They have an emphasis on using green sources of energy such as wind and hydro power to sustainable grow blockchain interest.

Future products of interest is their “Multi Currency Debit Card” where the cryptocurrencies in your account will be converted into the proper fiat money and sent to your card, allowing you to withdraw cash and pay at the 37million+ locations that accept visa.

Regulation Highlight

Cointed is also in the process of complying with the rules and regulations in the places where they serve and, according to their website “are currently in the final stages of acquiring a banking license.” Being able to have their legal framework in place provides them with an added advantage of being sustainable in the long run.

The role Cointed plays in the larger picture

Paving the way to easily exchange and make purchases online and offline with cryptocurrency can help to increase more interest for consumers that simply use fiat dollars, helping to drive more consumer adoption and increase market penetration use of both bitcoin and altcoins on a daily basis.

Cointed’s Immediate Roadmap

By the end of this year, Cointed expects to accomplish a few key goals; They seek to finalize their exchange and have full integration of an in house, independently audited online wallet and affiliate program. Then they will expect to finalize and deploy their debit cards to their consumers and then build up their infrastructure for mining with the purchase of 130,000 additional custom GPU’s.

ICO progress
Their official Pre ICO start date is October 20, 2017, the Pre- ICO end date is on November 19, 2017. The next day, November 20, 2017, they will kick off their ICO and end it on February 28 2018. The total amount of tokens are up to 650,000,000 CTD’s. All tokens will be distributed through the ICO and no further tokens will be generated.

If you are a permanent resident in U.S, China or Hong Kong you will not be able to participate in the ICO.

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