Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a way for me to filter through the myriad ICO’s on the market and focus on the one’s that seem to bring in the most return? Many do not have time to glance through all the projects that are doing ICO’s, look at their projects, sift through their whitepapers and find out if everything makes sense and seems feasible in the long term. Then you have to go to each and every individual project and buy tokens from them.

Most have wandered in to the sector of cryptocurrency because they see that there is interesting activity and rapid growth potential yet need a better way to come in and target the best projects with the best possible returns.  After they have made their decisions, they then have to go to each project and purchase tokens from them. The problem with this is time, this whole process can be quite arduous and time consuming, leaving many with the search for a potential solution. Thankfully in a market economy, when there’s a need, there’s usually a response and this time it was given by Cryptonomos.

What is Cryptonomos 

Cryptonomos has stepped into the market to solve this problem and seeks to provide to you the best ICO’s on the market while making it safe and easy to buy a variety of tokens on one platform.

The project provides a venue for both projects and potential investors to come together and transact efficiently.  Projects are able to list their ICO’s whilst individuals are able to see potential ICO’s to invest in.

How does it work?

The services Cryptonomos  provides for projects are split into two, one’s that provide for the investor and one’s that are catered to the project leaders.

For the project leaders Cryptonomos provides the ability to list their ICO and reach a concentrated base of interested investors. The second service project leaders can tap into is the ability to make sure that they are conducting each aspect of the ICO deployment in a professional manner. Cryptonomos does this by walking project leaders through each phase of a successful ICO deployment, covering each aspect from the Pre-ICO stage to ICO. These services are comprised of structuring your token economics, conducting a legal analysis, making certain that the proper token-holder agreements and disclosures are in place while also providing ICO website design and customization. They then can also walk the project leader through the technology component, this includes securing user accounts/wallets, securing collection of funds, proper token distribution, and smart contract and token development.

The last component to the project leader is that cryptonomos can provide an augmentation of efforts in backer engagement, marketing and pr campaigns, community channel management and Escrow.

Neuromation Project

One of the most promising projects Cryptonomos are featuring is the Neuromation ICO.

Neuromation is a ‘Distributed computing platform for deep learning application and synthetic data generation’!

‘Neuromation is creating a distributed platform to catalogue items around the world to be used for teaching Artificial Intelligent machines about planet earth! The project is very exciting and has wide ranging applications. One such application they’re working on is for the retail industry wherby products are to be photographed and given a description so that AI machines can learn what they are! AI needs to learn everything about the world in order to function properly and effectively in it, and projects like Neuromation are bringing that world closer to reality.



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For the investor

The service for the investor is simple. All you have to do is create an account, deposit the various currencies to your wallet, select the ICO you want to invest in and buy tokens. After you’ve purchased these tokens they will be present in your account.

Cryptonomos allows for the streamlining of the funding process for both sides of the coin and therein lies it’s core value.

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