After being faily stagnant for a number of months, ​Dash surprised everybody a few weeks ago by having a sudden price increase of over 100%! Now sitting at around £300 ($388), it’s held it’s high well over the past few days.

On September 24th though, Dash will hold their own conference where CEO Ryan Taylor has promised to make several major announcements.

The cryptocurrency has been around since 2014, and with a market cap of almost $2.5 Billion, sits comfortably in 7th place in terms of cryptocurrency market cap. Bitcoin still sit’s at the top, dwarfing the others with a $74 Billion market cap, $43 Billion higher than Ethereum which has a market cap of $31 Billion.

Dash is marketed as digital cash, and in terms of usability it has been developed for a wide variety of things. Hundreds of merchants accept it, allowing users to shop and spend their Dash..

They have a mobile app which allows users to send and receive Dash effortlessly too, and among the announcements set to be discussed this September, they’re planning to release a debit card!

The one day event will take place at The Oval Space in London on September 24th and the depending upon how the event turns out is for sure likely to affect the price.

Watch this space around 24th September for more updates!

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