DS Plus Could Be About To Revolutionize Coupon Apps

The problem: How can DS Plus help?

Mobile devices have completely changed the way we do a lot of things. As little kids, we watched our parents spend long hours cutting coupons out of the newspaper and from magazines, just to save a few cents at the grocery store. For more than a century, this was how companies got to potential customers, and promoted loyalty to their brands
Not long after the rise of smartphones, and later tablets, coupons went digital. Companies started to be able to market their wares on the little screens that we all keep in our pockets. It quickly became common to search for whatever store you were entering into as you walked in the doors, to see if there was a deal to get.
Lots of mobile applications have been developed to serve this purpose of helping consumers get the best deal. At first these applications were quite innovative – but that was almost ten years ago now. Technology has changed, and ecommerce has been affected greatly by the recent rapid rise of blockchain tech. A new coupon application needed to be developed for the new crypto economy.

DS Plus could revolutionise this industry

DS Plus is well on its way to become the market leader among mobile customer loyalty programs. It already has more than 1,000,000 iOS and Android downloads, and well over a thousand partner enterprises. DS Plus represents a seat change among “coupon applications” because it is integrating blockchain technology into the mix with the introduction of PlusCoin.
PlusCoin is often referred to as “the People’s Cryptocurrency” because it is designed to be easy to use for everyday people. Its integration into the DS Plus app will make saving and spending cryptocurrency for everyday people, who may never have used crypto before, to enter the world of fintech.
DS Plus is accomplishing two things – they are bringing all the advantages of the blockchain (transparency and fast transactions). Together, with the massive economic benefit of customer loyalty programs like coupon applications.
DS Plus and PlusCoin represent the next-generation in customer loyalty programs and will improve on the dated technologies of traditional coupon and discount mobile applications. DS Plus is not trying to replace all these apps, they are looking to provide a platform that allows them to integrate the blockchain – with PlusCoin as the token of choice – into their systems.

The Status of the Coupon and Discount App in 2017

Coupon and discount apps have been around as long as smartphones. One of the first big coupon apps was Groupon. The app originally brought good functionality and excellent deals to millions of people, mostly in North America. Today, however, it is clear that its technology has not been kept up to date. What’s more, many discounts on the app require using one’s social network to buy things as a group. What if you want to buy things on your own? What if you just need to run out and get something from the corner shop? Can’t you get deals then without having to coordinate with other people?
Another oldie is Ebates. This app offers something called “in-store cashback,” but the process of getting the cash is slow and requires a lot of reliance on the functioning of credit card companies. The cashback goes back into a person’s credit card, but this leaves a lot of room for technical error. Additionally, the cash back can possibly take up to a month to get to you! What if you want to make a purchase right away with your cashback? This means that many companies take longer to get their repeat business by offering cashback.
Then there’s apps like Checkout 51 – It’s a cash back app, but super old fashioned. You have to keep up with the deals on your own, and know when they are taking place. Then, after you make a purchase, you have to take a picture of your receipt and mail it in! So complicated!
DS Plus is changing the way you get discounts
The team behind DS Plus specializes in finding the best way to get products to consumers using digital technologies. Their introduction of PlusCoin is a hugely innovative step forward.
DS Plus knows that cashback is a great way to ensure that companies get return business. The faster the customer gets the cashback, the sooner they are to return and spend the cash. PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency emitted by Ethereum blockchain tech. With such a currency, transactions are instantaneous, and this means cashback will be truly instant. No traditional mobile marketing application currently on the market provides truly instant cashback.
The even more innovative aspect of DS Plus is that it is developing a mechanism to allow companies that promote using PlusCoin instant cashback to target their promotions towards specific groups of people. It is no wonder so many companies, like KFC, X5 Retail Group, and Reebok have already signed on.

What this means for you

Soon, when the app launches with its full version, you will be able to buy just about anything – using PlusCoin – on the DS Plus Marketplace, and you will receive huge discounts on your purchases. Your discounts will come in the form of “cryptocashback” immediately following your purchase, and you will be able to use the returned PlusCoin right away to buy more of the things you want or need.
If you want to buy or sell PlusCoin, or to convert it into fiat, it will be an easy and fast process, thanks to the aggregator tool. If you want to use PlusCoin on another app or marketplace, that’ll be easy too, thanks to the native P2P platform, enabling the exchange of PlusCoin everywhere.
What this means for other mobile applications
DS Plus is not trying to replace any other mobile marketing application. The DS Plus team are cryptocurrency evangelists – they want to spread their vision everywhere because they know PlusCoin will make the world a better place. Any mobile marketing platform will potentially be able to integrate the coin into their systems. Apps everywhere in the world are already seeing the benefits, and many have already signed up.
Now is your chance to get in on the project – the PlusCoin ICO just began its 3rd and final stage. Get in on the revolution now!
For more information visit https://PlusCoin.io


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