Everyone wants to be like Warren Buffet, but not many people have the business acumen, the skills, or the time to learn those skills. So, they place money into mutual funds, index funds and other sorts of funds. Then, there is the advent of robo-advisors that will automatically place your money into the stocks that meet the criteria that you choose. All of these platforms essentially help to outsource the stress of investing to third parties, whether it be an algorithm or a human. Well, now, with the advent of the blockchain we have smart investing brought to you by FastInvest.

What does FastInvest do?

Their website boldly states, investing made easy. The platform allows an investor to earn about 8% to 14% on their principal on an annual basis by investing in consumer loans originating from non-banking lenders. The initial principal provided can be as little as one Euro, an amount that should be accessible to all.

You might be wondering, how is this possible? Their use of technology helps them to minimize the traditional costs associated with the current banking industry. Since they are a smaller, more agile and nimble project, they can avoid other costs that are typically associated with being a more prominent firm.

The firm is seeking to bring more digital investing products over time. For this reason, Fast Invest is going to adopt the blockchain technology and launch their own token. After the Fast Invest Token crowdsale,  they are going to implement new financial products like premium crypto account, digital currency exchange tool, digital investing and lending services, payment card.

How does the current P2P Investment Platform work?

An investor can earn concrete returns by investing on the Fast Invest Platform. There are three sides to this equation, the investor, FastInvest Services and the individual who is seeking a loan. The individual who kicks of the process is the one who requires a loan. This individual fills out a streamlined application for a loan via a loan originator. The loan originator conducts their due diligence regarding verification and risk assessment, and then after passing this process, the individual can receive a loan for a maximum of a one year term.

The borrower will make regular payments on a monthly basis which will be comprised of the interest and portion of the principal.

FastInvest will serve as the originator/underwriter and will collect the borrower payments on a regular basis. The payment is then divided proportionally and given to investors who have allocated their capital to that specific loan.

Investors can choose from loans that are present on the platform and can choose to fund those loans that meet their criteria.

FastInvest is similar to the crowdfunding model, except this is for lenders, not for borrowers.

An interesting component that FastInvest provides is the shield against loss of capital.

First, they don’t charge fees for registering, don’t ask for a credit card or don’t charge account or administrative fees. Lastly, they will exchange currencies for free.

Second, they have a buyback guarantee. This means that there are no secondary markets, an aspect that minimizes stress. If you want to stop investing, FastInvest will buyback your investment within one day. Other platforms tell you to sell it back on the market and wait for a buyer of your investment.

Third, they have a default guarantee. This default guarantee works like this,  If a borrower is ever late on his or her scheduled loan payment, FastInvest will offset that payment, making sure that their customers’ investments are safe. If a payment instalment is overdue for three days or more, their Default Guarantee will settle any amount in arrears. You will still earn funds from the principal sum and the investment period. 

Fourth, no limits. One can start off investing as little as one euro, a significant differentiator from their competitors.

Lastly, they offer multi-currency accounts, allowing individuals to invest using EUROS, USD, PLN or GBP currencies. Note*: only EU IBAN holders can invest in current investment platform. 


Key Facts

CEO & Co-founder: Simona Vaikune
Product launch: February 2015
Sector: P2P investing, FinTech
Number of employees: 50
Number of customers: 8500 (June 2017)
Offices: United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia
Languages:  English, German, Finnish, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese.

Team – The FastInvest Team Consists of more than 26 well placed, talented members including:

Genadij Anthony Fomki – President and Chairman

Simona VaitkuneChief Executive Officer

Ausra – Chief Financial Officer

Ina – Chief Analytics Manager

Lina – Account Coordinator

Greta – Financial Officer

Lukas – Project Executive

Dom Chief Product Officer

Dovile Marketing Leader

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Token Sale

The token sale is about to end shortly, and there are approximately 777 million tokens, 50% of which t will be distributed in the crowd sale. Their crowd sale will end on January 30th. There will be a discount structure during the crowd sale of 20%. The ratio is 1,000 FIT is 1 ETH.

The country of issuance will be Estonia.

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