The modern world is dynamically changing from day to day. New technologies are emerging regularly and old ones are rapidly developing, improving and adding convenient functions. Furthermore changes have not bypassed such an important area, as the visual content industry. Today, lots of designers and professional photographers experience great difficulties with licenses and copyrights when using imperfect functions of photo- and videostocks.

Let’s consider a number of problems that users and content producers face while using such the exchanges:

  1. The main problem is the lack of proper protection of the producers’ copyright. Today it is really difficult to prove the authenticity of the content produced by you, especially when you use multiple exchanges. This causes a lot of negative reviews about photoshoots and does not make it possible to use them as a full-fledged source of income due to huge risks. In addition, now there is no possibility to watch the history of licenses on none of the exchanges. In order to do this you have to contact one of the agencies that are extremely reluctant to share any private information.
  2. The next problem is the huge amounts of royalties paid by content producers to the middlemen. This also make a great influence on the prices of such content and often discourages potential buyers.
  3. Another important point is that now there is no possibility to store all the content produced by you in one place. That is, in order to get appropriate network distribution, content creators have to register on all exchanges and have dozens of profiles. That not only takes a huge amount of time, but that is also an extremely unreliable and inconvenient system in general.

Despite a large number of problems experienced by the producers of visual content, the market already has an excellent solution, offered by the Geneva-based company IPStock.

IPStock is a team of professional designers with a wide experience of working with all kinds of visual content. They use photo and video stocks in their work on a regular basis and they no longer wish to accept the disadvantages offered by the exchanges, which those stocks do not suppose to eliminate at all. Why? The answer is simple: it is completely unprofitable for the middlemen organizations to lose their income.

IPStock team is going to change the entire visual content market radically with the help of blockchain technology and they have already begun to do that! In just two years the company is going to completely transform the modern work experience with the stock exchanges of visual content and make it more convenient, simpler and much more reliable.

As early as 2018, IPStock is going to solve the most important problem, which is related to copyrights. The team has already developed a single register based on blockchain technology, which will track copyrights. The presence of such a register completely eliminates any problems that arise with copyright in the future!

In the second half of 2018, IPStock will simplify and optimize the interaction between the content buyer and its supplier. There will no longer be a need to pay a 70% royalties to a middleman, because all interactions will be carried out with the help of reliable smart contracts on a single license marketplace.

In 2019, the company will launch a unified platform that combines several exchanges of visual content, thereby greatly simplifying the interaction between the supplier and the seller.

By 2020, IPStock will connect most of the world’s agencies and create a single API to have an open base for all users. In addition, in 2020, IPStock is going to add AR/VR content for sale and purchase!

IPStock is a unique company that has no analogues on the visual content market. It sets itself extremely ambitious, but it has already practically realized the ideas that can completely change the industry, making it easier and more convenient and better for both buyers and content producers!

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