Introducing the Cryptocurrency Exchange EtherMium

Recently, people began to focus more on their anonymity, with regard to which an increasing number of decentralized services appear in the cryptocurrency space, designed to meet the needs of the community. One of them is the cryptocurrency decentralized exchange EtherMium, which differs significantly from its competitors, due to an increased level of anonymity and a variety of trading tools.

About EtherMium

The project aims to achieve the desired goals due to the increased level of privacy: working with EtherMium, the system does not need to register users.

Today, EtherMium supports more than 1,100 ERC20 tokens available for trading. Everyone can start trading on the platform in just a few clicks, all they need is to create a new wallet or integrate one. The operations are executed on the basis of smart-contracts, so each user can rest assured of the platform integrity and their funds safety.


According to EtherMium representatives, this is the future of cryptocurrency trading, when you don’t have to trust the third party or to worry about losing your tokens due to server failure, lost credentials or other negligence.

Derivatives And Other Trading Tools

Derivatives trading solution will be implemented on the platform any day now. This option will open the door for institutional investors to cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, XRP, and others. The next step is to add support for traditional financial instruments (stocks, commodities, and indices).

EtherMium will provide users with an opportunity to participate in ICO. Additional launch data is expected in the near future. The company intends to offer the service as small investors, access to which is often closed to the procedure for participation in ICO, accepting only apps from accredited and institutional investors for participation and has an ICO directory and a crowdsale page at the closed beta.

More recently, EtherMium has added a trading solution to its platform that no other platform supports. Each user access the products that are unique to DEX, such as Market and Stop-Limit orders. Using these types of orders, traders will be able to close positions and make profitable deals. All you need to do is to register the terms of the transaction, and then wait for its execution. It is worth noting this is the first DEX offering such solutions in the sphere of decentralized trading. Against the background of the existing trading software, EtnerMium is the best solution for traders offering the opportunity to conduct transactions as conveniently as possible using a friendly interface and a wide functional of the platform.

Why Is EtherMium Needful?

The safety and privacy of users is a priority team behind the project. Everyone can easily take advantage of this service to make profits from the promising cryptocurrency market.

All operations are based on Ethereum smart-contracts, thanks to which, the user takes a deal without intermediaries and third parties.

Smart-contracts has the advantage to protect their users from:

  • possible hacker attacks;
  • government pressure;
  • freezing or confiscation of funds;
  • theft of funds directly by the owners of the trading platform.

EtherMium Features

The team behind EtherMium is largely focused on users opinions and this may be our competitive advantage over other cryptocurrency exchanges. There are several fully functioning decentralized exchanges in cryptocurrency sphere, but, as a rule, the trading volume is rather low for a number of reasons, and EtherMium wants to improve the situation. The mechanism of our DEX operation is based on the feedback from traders about every decision we have made. So, there is not only KYC, but also elementary registration on the platform. This not only increases the level of anonymity but also saves your valuable time.

Trading can be started immediately after creating a wallet in order to take full advantage of DEX and also a variety of implemented trading tools (Stop-Limit and Market orders).

EtherMium Exchange

For their services, the cryptocurrency exchange charges chump change or does not charge fees at all.

Thus, our traders save expenses and have greater chances of making more profit. Due to favorable trading conditions in the cryptocurrency industry, it provides them with opportunities for stable, comfortable and profitable trading.

Affiliate Program

Another reason to pay attention to EtherMium is affiliate program based on the trustless decentralized philosophy. Its members can receive a huge income. The system is no different from the other cryptocurrency exchanges referral programs, but the level of rewards is truly pleased. Our platform offers 50% (for life) of trading transactions. Payments will be made in the form of interest fee.

All you need to make a profit is to attract traders through the special affiliate link bound to your wallet. EtherMium is ready to provide your convenience with various banners as, if necessary, to develop new creatives.

Upcoming Implementations

EtherMium is constantly working to improve its project, the potential of which has already been appreciated by its first users, including the launch of the ICO platform. Thus, the EtherMium team will not only provide an opportunity to participate in the tokensale, but developers will be able to add their offers to our platform.

It can’t but rejoice the upcoming update, which includes futures trading. By adding this tool, users can trade assets with 10x leverage and this is not the final effort on this subject.

The next step for EtherMium is the implementation of trading with a focus on company stocks, which see most of the deals, as well as oil and gold and others. All these tools not only make the platform special, and its use convenient, but also universal, which provides its users with increased comfort.

EtherMium Security

The fact that the platform itself is decentralized demonstrates the level of its security. EtherMium has integrated the Exchange Smart Contract (is needed for a safe and fair transaction process) and the Order Book Service (is needed to store orders from users). Nobody can deceive you and abscond with the stolen money.

Currently, the EtherMium developers are working on the release of applications for Android and iOS, to provide them to its users in the near future.


Obviously, EtherMium developers still have a lot of work to expand the platform’s capabilities, the number of supported assets and users, but now the new decentralized exchange on the Ethereum protocol looks like an interesting project.

On the platform, each client gets the most advantages from trading with various assets to the possibility of participation in the ICO. While you use our platform, the developers of EtherMium have already worried about your comfort, anonymity, and safety of funds.

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