What is Machtcoin?

A project that is seeking to jump into the world of adrenaline and bring that to the blockchain.


They will be a sport betting, gambling, travel and trading platform.

There are six ways that Macht will be seeking to grow and build.

  • Machtcoin Champion Infrastructure with betting, travel and lending
  • The Hybrid POW/POS
  • Growth of their community
  • Partnerships with business to business and business to consumer
  • A virtual debit card/smart

The company is seeking to delve into 3 of the biggest businesses in the world that will bring in significant revenues over the course of the coming years. These are businesses that they are seeking to delve into due to the fact that they relate to their central themes, leisure, fun, challenge and competition.

They are seeking to be unique and revolutionary with their cryptocurrency coin and bring great solutions with low cost transactions, transparency, speed and security.

Sport Platform

The first segment that we’ll dive into is their sport platform. They will be creating a complex sport betting system which will eliminate excessive fees and manipulation on betting slips. They will make it to where no third parties will be able take a cut of the players’ winnings. The security and transparency is guaranteed by the technology of the blockchain. The platform will also have an implementation of live streaming of “any sport”, so one could view and make relevant bids.

In the sports realm, they will also be rolling a merchandise store later on so that  individuals can buy their favorite sports merchandise directly on the machtcoin platform.

A key aspect of the expansion of the sports operation will be to build partnerships with sports club merchandise distributors so that Machtcoin users can purchase authentic, verified and low costs sports merchandise.

Travel & Tourism

The next category or segment is the travel and tourism platform, they will be introducing the concept of big data mining in the travel and tourism industry, this will be open for all. Individuals can geo tagged pictures of places that they’ve visited. These pictures will be added to a database which will eventually serve as a recommendation system. Users will receive Machtcoin rewards for legitimate participation in this system, users will be able to cash rewards in an external or internal exchanger.

The team at Machtcoin will also seek to build partnerships with local or large travel companies that are in the business of travel and tourism.

Trading Platform

The other key aspect of their business will be their trading platform. They’re trading platform is geared toward all audiences, novice and professionals. Professionals can enjoy their MT5 based platform for trading with complete trading indicators which can be set by each individual. Novices can access their binary option method , a simple to use system. It will be easily accessible via a mobile application in the app or play store.

Lending Platform

With their lending program, token holders may be able to receive a possible 45% monthly profit sharing.

ICO & Distribution of funds:

The ICO period will start on January 15th, 2018 until February 8th, 2018. One Machtcoin (MCH) is valued at 0.88 USD.

Total supply of coins will be 36000000, there will be 8000000 that will be available in the Initial Coin Offering. There will be a deployment of 320,000 coins per day in the ICO and a total of 25 days in the ICO.

  • 65% Application development and system maintenance
  • 20% Promotion, online/offline marketing, PR and advertising
  • 10% Server expenses
  • 5% Bounties

Conclusion: It’s a tough group of industries and there are quite a few logistics that the company has to take into account to succeed.

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