In the falling cryptocurrency market conditions MGO seems not only to keep but to strengthen its positions. What are they planning to do and expecting? To get the answers we met with Filip Dimitrijevic, the product owner of the MobileGo.


Could you tell us about current activities, achievements of 2018 and plans for the future?


In the second half of 2018 MobileGo had its renaissance. We established a new team and needed a strong foundation, so we started looking for partnership and strengthening the core. We`ve listed on BitForex, Digifinex, IDAX, Bitfinex, Jaxx, Atomic Wallet, Coinomi and some other big exchanges and wallets, completed the adding of MGO as a payment method in Xsolla, enabling MGO purchases in more than 500 games and releasing the Swap platform in order to have the token on one platform for better utility. We have also completely rebuilt the communities with new social channels, resulting from a split from Gamecredits.


– Are there any plans for payment system development?

Well, our next focus right now is to release a payment gateway that will allow users to pay with MGO via Xsolla in a single click (if they have an account on Metamask or My Ether Wallet) and without any fee! Thus we intend to make the paying experience to Xsolla users as quick and as painless as possible – very similar to how you do it with credit cards. In parallel, we are also starting to focus on implementing an easy way to purchase MGO, without a need to register on exchanges.


Once we complete this, I believe we will have a strong enough foundation, so that we can start further expanding on the utility of MGO, developing products as well as establishing partnerships that are more gaming related. We have several things in the pipeline, which will be developed in parallel – right now we are researching the best ways how to overcome the technical challenges and discussing the priorities. I cannot say anything specific yet, but what will happen for sure is that we will go in 2 directions – the creation of an open-sourced codebase that can be used by the community to expand our outreach and the expansion of the ecosystem with the new products for both PC and mobile platforms to earn, spend and purchase MGO.


All in all, our focus will be on high-quality and secure products, rather than fast-paced, unreliable development.


-And what about listings on exchanges?

Some big names are coming – the most recent is Huobi Korea – we are always looking for new listings. Of course, we are happy to listen to the feedback on our community channels – everything that is said there is discussed within our team as well.


– I`ve heard about a couple of products that had been released in the end of 2018, can you tell us a little about them and what do you plan in 2019?


Yes, this relates towards the creation of the payment gateway that will allow fast payments via Xsolla in their ecosystem. The initial development phase is finished; right now we are in the middle of the integration phase, which shouldn’t take long. I believe it will be released in the end of January.


– Ok what about Xsolla? What are the major steps already taken?

Regarding Xsolla, as mentioned, we have integrated MGO the one of the top-prioritized payment methods and have vastly improved the user payment flow as well as developer payout flow. We are definitely not finished and are working on improving it still.


Can you tell us in brief what are the plans for making strong business utility for the token in 2019?


Our business development team is always searching for new opportunities; we are currently in the negotiations with several platforms for potential partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. All of them are gaming related in order to keep the utility strong.


Can you compare the token with other respectful tokens, such as XRP and others?

Certainly, every respectable token has a strong utility on the background; we aim to do the same for MGO. So, what Ethereum is regarding current popularity for smart contracts and tokens, and what Ripple is in the world of global payment systems, we want to be the same in the gaming world, the one that everyone else looks upon and strives to become the same or better!


– What is your opinion about the falling crypto market and what kind of impact does it have on the token?

Indeed, the market has been seeing nothing short of downsides in 2018, but I wouldn’t call it “failing”, I’d rather go with “evolving”, because there will be a lot of coins in the end that won’t survive this and will need adaptation to the new market and regulations. MobileGo intends to spearhead this evolution, survive and grow stronger than ever. In a short-term we will see some downsides, but in the long term I believe MGO has the great potential, an excellent starting point and a great desire to stride forwards in this process. It has all chances to come out stronger than ever, supporting a reliable and stable ecosystem for gaming on all platforms and devices.