aims to revolutionize the online streaming industry by providing blockchain based, decentralized solutions that will ensure transparency at every step and will bring about new solutions for content monetization.

Jacksonville, FLMonvid, a U.S. based peer-to-peer streaming platform based on blockchain technology, recently opened its token sale to the public.

The platform aims to redefine how streaming works in this day and age by making it more accessible and transparent while giving content owners complete control over their videos’ monetization. At the same time, it will also provide relief to users who cannot access streaming content due to geographical or financial restrictions.

The token sale will allow interested investors to support the project’s development by supplementing its financial requirements. Interested individuals themselves could benefit in several ways. One of the benefits is to hold the sold tokens and exchange them on a relevant platform after the token sale is over. Another way that an user can benefit is from an utility standpoint,  by being entitled to free content on the developed platform due to the distinction of participating in the Monvid token sale. is based on the Ethereum blockchain, with the project looking to leverage the high-efficiency and capability of blockchain technology for streamed content to be equally available all through the world without any geographical restrictions, which are often imposed by current streaming giants.

By the usage of its native token MVID, which during the token sale is priced between $0.05 – $0.10, users will be able to access content on the Monvid platform by paying the creators directly through their cryptocurrency wallets. This is a feature that will specifically come of use in territories where banking instruments such as credit cards or PayPal are not widely available.

Due to the project’s objective to resolve these much-faced problems in the streaming industry, it has seen a successful round of funding during its token pre-sale and has already reached its soft cap of raising $500,000.

The current public token sale, which went live on June 1, 2018, will be aiming towards reaching the hard cap of $5 million.

A total of 200 million MVID tokens will be created on Monvid. 70% of these tokens are being allocated towards the token sale; whereas, 15% will go to the project’s Reserve, 10% to the project’s team, with the remaining 5% tokens to be used in bounty programs.

It is prudent to note that 62 million of MVID tokens have already been sold, thanks to the over 6000 investors that the project attracted through its disruptive solutions.

Once the token sale is over, Monvid will have the available tokens first listed on peer-to-peer exchanges before moving to have them available on public exchanges.

The project was co-founded by Antonio Jacobs, Adrian Werner and Steven Morris, who currently serve as its CEO, CFO and CTO, respectively.

Termed as the “major decision maker” for the project, Jacobs, who has over 5 years of experience in IT, showed his confidence in the project and mentioned that it is due to how Monvid gives its users complete control over their actions by being a decentralized project while also using a technology that is now known for its transparency, safety and reliability.

“Due to the blockchain technology and the fact that it is decentralized enable Monvid to provide its users with services that are better than what they are already getting.“ Jacob said about the project.

The token sale is slated to end by August 31, 2018. While bonuses are being offered until the very last week to benefit investors, the earlier anyone participates in the token sale, the higher a bonus they can earn against their investment.

About Monvid

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Monvid focuses on providing blockchain streaming solutions throughout the world to fix the issues that the current content creators and consumers face on a day to day basis. Through the launch of its blockchain platform, Monvid intends to bring cost reduction, efficiency, and client satisfaction to the world of streaming in order to turn this medium into a viable entertainment industry.