The 3 Top ICOs to Look Out For in November

November Top ICOs

Cryptocurrency, and its associated technologies like blockchain, have been really breaking into the mainstream recently.
As this has happened, a wave of new Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, has risen up. These present a new way of funding a budding business, distributing cryptocurrency tokens to investors which represent value in the company instead of using traditional shares.
There are a range of different ICOs doing different things, though they tend to focus on using blockchain and cryptocurrency in new and ingenious ways.
Here are some of the top ICOs to look out for next month.


DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are becoming a huge problem. The WireX attack this year consisted of a wave of DDoS attacks causing major damage to a range of targets.
This was far from a one-off attack – research shows that 54% of businesses have been hit by this kind of attack in the last year. DDoS attacks have been responsible for unfathomable losses of money, and only seem to be on the rise.
These attacks happen when hackers take control of a network of devices (these can be mobile phones, laptops, or IoT devices) and use them as ‘bots’. They then direct the network of bots to the target server, overwhelming the bandwidth and causing the site to crash or experience service issues. Often the owners of the hacked devices have no idea what they’ve been part of.
DDoS attacks are also notoriously difficult to fight, and current methods involve blocking all traffic to a site (causing almost as much damage in terms of losses) and attempting to separate good traffic from bad traffic, which is unreliable and expensive.
Gladius is one of the top ICOs for November as it aims to resolve this problem by building a network of users who are able to donate bandwidth to their peers. This way, when one member comes under DDoS attack, they can draw on extra bandwidth, preventing the spam traffic from overwhelming their server and causing any meaningful damage.


Contracts are an important part of any business, but also a source of frustration. Traditional contracts aren’t too straightforward to put together, and building an effective one requires contributions from third parties like legal professionals, a lengthy and expensive process.
Blockchain technology has helped to eliminate the need for this extra work, by allowing for the creation of smart contracts.
These are digital contracts, stored on a blockchain. This means they’re immutable (can’t be tampered with), decentralized, and secure. There’s also no need for an intermediary party.
The problem is, building a smart contract is a complicated task. It requires a solid understanding of how to code, which most people don’t have.
That’s where Confideal comes in another one of our top ICOs. They build smart contracts, powered by Ethereum, and aim to make these available to people without any programming experience. The goal is to provide everyone with efficient, secure contracts without relying on third parties.


Video gaming is a massive, global industry. It’s growing all the time too, and is now set to overtake $100 billion dollars.
A growing part of the video gaming experience is the trading of virtual, in-game items. These are often things like ‘skins’ which modify the appearance of in-game items, or more powerful weapons.
However, trading virtual items is still something of a niche industry, and around 94% of video gamers aren’t involved in this activity.
There are plenty of good reasons for this. Trading between games is difficult and often unsafe, as there are lots of opportunities for theft and fraud. Some centralized marketplaces exist, but these have their own problems.
DMarket believe that they can tap into this market of would-be traders by building a platform where video gamers can trade their virtual items more easily and safely. It will use blockchain technology to create a decentralized marketplace, where details of transactions are stored on an immutable ledger to avoid fraudulent activity.
What’s more, it’ll get around the issues of currency conversion and fees that stand in the way of trading across international borders.
DMarket want to make virtual trading accessible to a whole lot more people, and change the way that the video gaming industry operates.

This is certainly another of the top ICOs given how big this industry already is and the way blockchian technology is starting to impact everything we do online.

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