OmiseGo Update: One Of Our Top Investments

OmiseGo (OMG) is a public financial technology which uses blockchain technology for use in mainstream digital wallets. looking to ‘unbanked the banked’ OmiseGo is the creation of the well established company known as Omise. Omise is a payment gateway for Southeast Asia who provide “a secure and white label solution to merchants and enterprise business”.

OmiseGo seems to very popular amongst crypto enthusiasts, even though a number of the stories do turn out to be rumours. However real any of the news you may read about be assured that Omise are in a very strong position to become one of the big players in the cryptocurrency market.

I strongly recommend reading @Solveforh articles on steemit, they are very informative and the information is factual.

His most recent article “Omise/OmiseGo Ecosystem Primer” points out some of the major recent developments from Omise:
• Omise FacePay Launched successfully by The Ministry of Finance
• Omise awarded “Digital Startup of the Year”
• Omise meeting with the Central Bank of Thailand (with Vitalik Buterin)
• Omise has recently acquired Pasbuy
• Omise is working with TrueMoney

This is only a select few of the achievements mentioned in the above article. On top of this it is a well known fact the Omise has masses of online merchants already. The one you will be most familiar with is McDonalds. This story has been quite popular on social media. Although no set date has been confirmed, Omise are said to be partnering with McDonalds in Thailand to provide the payment systems for them.

While OmiseGo has been very quiet recently, we are certain they will be working extremely hard behind the scenes. The price of OmiseGo is a very good buy in our opinion. After reaching a high of around £10 /$13 it is now down to not far off half of this.
Omise has strong links and is actively seeking to bring blockchain technology backed payment systems to the masses. As soon as any significant news/updates is release this could cause another big price increase in OMG.

On the whole, OmiseGo have a number of exciting developments in the pipeline. Personally I am looking forward to seeing how smoothly they implement blockchain into the payment systems with their current merchants. Dependant on this process could depend on how keen other merchants are to get on board.

Remember, this is not advice this is just our personal opinion on a coin that we are extremely interested in long term. Let us know what you think, will you be investing?

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