Our focus at the moment is still very much on some new projects currently in their token sale events. It seems to be that the ICO’s are occurring in waves almost, we had the prediction markets first up. We have had the advertisement projects aiming to create an eco-system in which they will remove the need for a third party. Then there were the projects offering crypto cards aiming to make cryptocurrencies spendable in the real world.

Now it seems a few projects are emerging looking to create a completely new trading platform, in which users can trade what are effectively shares in real estate. Currently there are a number of these projects with ongoing token distribution events at the moment. However, there are two which have caught our eye and we feel may be worth investing a small amount into.


Real is a new new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain, it looks to apply blockchain technology to the huge real estate market. Their tokens are called REAL and are supposed to be key to this project. They will be a secure cryptocurrency with an inherrent value which can be both traded and used to participate in in crowdfunding by purchasing “Real Estate Participations”.

This platform, if successful is going to create a number of benefits to the entire REAL exo-system:

  • Users will be able to invest their cryptocurrencies into the much larger and less volatile real estate industry
  • real estate will become a more liquid market, allowing more than just large financial powerhouses to dominate the market
  • “Investors in Real Estate Participations” can generate rental income and potentially benefit from the value of the appreciation in the market.
  • drastically reduce fees cutting out a number of third parties and middlemen

Overall this project looks like it will try disrupt one the largest industries and may have their work cut out. However, the vision seems clear enough and if it is successful, could potentially make a lot of profit should you choose to invest.


Atlant has similarities they will also offer a decentralised blockchain platform which will look to offer two main features:

  1. “Tokenized Ownership – Listing of real estate tokens representing shares in individual real estate assets and their liquid trading in a transaprent and orderly market with price discovery.”
  2. “P2P rentals – Significantly reduce fees for both the tenant and lessor & minimised possibility of fake reviews and forged ratings, which plagues existing centralised services such as Airbnb and booking,”

This project will also look to create liquidity in the real estate market and offer a completely new investment opportunity to the masses. Atlant also has an ongoing ICO and another project that could be worth investing in.

Both seem like exciting projects and may be worth investing a small amount into as it would mean huge returns if either of them were successful.

Which one get your vote? 

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