Loyalty programs is an area that continues to grow across travel, retail, financial as well as other consumer service sectors. On the other hand, as consumers amass more memberships across multiple programs, their frustrations continue to mount. They often find themselves spending countless hours trying to navigate through cumbersome processes for redemption and realize that their hard earned points amount to rewards of minuscule value because the programs do not work with each other. Blockchain technology is key to unlocking greater value from rewards and alleviating customer frustrations, but also helping businesses with loyalty programs improve their bottom line.

REM Loyalty is one of the few companies that is disrupting the existing loyalty rewards sector through blockchain.

What is REM Loyalty?

REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based rewards ecosystem helping consumers unlock greater value from their loyalty points while allowing businesses improve their loyalty management strategy in the following ways:

One, it delivers unprecedented earning and redemption opportunities though blockchain technology. Loyalty points in traditional programs have expiration dates, don’t work across multiple programs, are next to impossible to transfer and have no or low value for cash redemption. Our token, the REM, is designed to remove these barriers for consumers.

Two, our use cases for consumers are compelling, which also benefits the business community that are part of the REM Loyalty ecosystem. Our target audience is a crypto community that is 50 million member strong, and part of our value proposition is to be able to connect them to major brands, partners and token swapping opportunities. Our partnerships with Uber, companies in crypto travel and real estate (just to name a few) not only provide consumers with vast choices to exchange, earn and redeem their rewards, but through blockchain, our ecosystem also provides them with the highest rewards rates with every airline and hotel group worldwide compared to other programs. Hence creating a strong demand base for the REM.

Three, on the other hand, we’ve also created strong use cases for businesses. REM Loyalty is able to provide rewards with supply chain assurance, connecting users to producers with an easy plug-n-play solution that is already developed. Our unique business model and utility token has generated strong demand from companies within the crypto community that is working on fintech solutions such as contactless payment where we can provide the rewards solution. Our partnership with Crypterium is such an example.

Blockchain technology (powered by Stellar), combined with our REM token, App wallet and a customer-centric business model allows REM Loyalty to disrupt the existing loyalty rewards sector, unlocking greater value for consumers and businesses alike. As a true lifestyle rewards ecosystem, REM token holders can redeem rewards for renting, ride-sharing and booking limitless global travel while also earning at an industry leading rate. Plus, the REM never expires, transfers for free and can be converted to fiat.

REM Loyalty is rated A by Coinschedule (one of the most credible ICO listings) and is ranked amongst the top three most trusted ICOs listed. Our loyalty token offering will launch on August 1, 2018, with a bonus of up to 25% for early buyers. Join our conversation on Telegram for more information.