The new technology that is the blockchain opens up a whole new world of potential. The blockchain brings quite a few promises, breaking the need for a middleman, eliminating the aspect of trust, providing for more safety and unlocking more areas of untapped value.

Yet, there has been a pressing concern.  A question that is resting on many a mind.

Where is the utility? When does this sector progress from rampant speculation and promises of a brave new world to the realization of daily utility?

This is a real issue, excessive hype usually comes before a painful fall.

Thankfully, a few bright minds are taking a look at the sector and acting different.

They view the blockchain space as something that can help improve current systems.

These improvements can have slight impacts at the present moment but large effects over time.

REM Loyalty seems like one of these few teams in the sector right now.

What is REM Loyalty?

REM Loyalty is a loyalty rewards company and its reward point is blockchain token built on Stellar, called the REM. It is an inter-operable rewards token.

The REM has a variety of use cases but here are the most important ones.

The first use case of the REM Token is that of rewards. Fortunate individuals who have these tokens can trade with participating merchants. These include UBER, Stubhub and through their integrated travel agent,, REM Loyalty offers bookings on every airline and every hotel in the world. Individuals will also be able to pay rent with the token as well as earn rewards just by paying rent on time and keeping the place clean.

The second use case it to swap points across programs. REM Loyalty’s token sale is designed to enter agreements with large loyalty programs and finally enable us to combine points across different loyalty groups.

For businesses, they can easily adopt the REM as their loyalty solution. REM Loyalty makes it simply to integrate with them and any unused reward points can simply be sold on exchanges.  This makes it very efficient to give to their clients as there is no waste.

REM Loyalty has just signed an agreement with the White Company as its rewards partner to add luxury goods to its market as well as issue co-branded virtual tap and pay cards which will allow the REM to be redeemed at over 48 million POS outlets globally. It also has just signed an agreement with Performance Labs which will allow people to earn rewards from reaching their exercise goals Both of these new partners are blockchain companies.

REM Loyalty is now also in discussion with one of the largest health care providers in the USA to become its loyalty rewards partner. Traditional business sees REM Loyalty as a great bridge to the crypto community.

Individuals and companies will be able to access their wallet on their mobile device and manage their points in a single location. The wallet contains the marketplace to make booking flights, hotels, and accommodation easy.

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How efficient is the REM?

Because the REM is decentralized, its value is determined by the market. Most loyalty programs are made up of inflated artificial points controlled by the airline, grocer or petrol station. Traditional loyalty programs have pre-set redemption rates and anyone can see there is a big artificial margin involved to obtain goods and services. Not so with the REM. Real prices are used.

REM Loyalty recently conducted benchmarking based on its issue price of 4c. This compares well versus Avios for example which retail at 4.2c USD. Most airline points are around 4c USD. As shown in the illustration, only one-third to one-half of the reward points are used compared to British Airlines, Qantas, American, United, Delta and Air Canada. So, you can fly more or you can fly flat in business, whatever you like.


Token Sale and Progress

The team will use the Stellar Blockchain and host their token sale on September 4th, 2018, it will end on October 31.  

With its commercial partners in place and a technical solution available immediately on day 1, we think this is a great example of utility delivered. Buy the REM tokens and redeem them the same day if you like!

Join the conversation on Telegram at and keep up with them over here.

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