Storm Token – Earn From Anywhere, From Any Device!

Storm, it’s like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, but decentralized and gamified. Their motto is, “earn from anywhere, at anytime, from any device”.

The company states that they create more earning opportunities for people all around the world by utilizing technology and making it easier for members to find new ways to earn, engage and advance with their gamified micro-tasks platform for STORM tokens.

The platform is aiming to connect those who are in need of the fulfillment of ‘micro-tasks’ and those who have the time to meet these needs in a better manner.

This is already a proven model, as it’s being done by Amazon and other companies… so what makes Storm different?

The difference with Storm

The differentiation is inherent with the foundation of the platform being on the blockchain, the blockchain allows for a streamlining of this micro-transaction ecosystem. With the integration of this technology one is able to make the process of micro-transactions to be much more efficient. The old and stodgy systems that are currently in the marketplace don’t focus on being human-centric, the user interfaces are less friendly, leading to a poor overall experience for both sides. The key differentiator for STORM is their gamified micro-task platform that emphasizes engagement and user experience through better system design.

Why Choose STORM

Global – They are global facing, seeking to address the needs of the 4.68 billion people that have the ability to participate within the STORM system.

Secure – No need for approvals from a central party, their use of smart contracts provide the space for a trustless network powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Gamification – The gamification aspect takes place via the issuance of their STORM tokens.

Mobile First – As more users switch to being mobile first, it is imperative that companies also head in that direction, STORM is adapting to this change and designing for mobile from the start.

Growth – The company has seen vast adoption and growth of its service with over 1 million downloads and over 250,000 active users.

Design – The utilization of blockchain paves the way for a better matching process between those who are seeking to do tasks (Storm Players)  and those who post tasks that need to be completed (Storm Makers).  A cool aspect of the design is that these tasks are able to completed within 5 minutes or less from those who are on the go, on their various mobile devices.

The smart contracts allow for there to be set conditions between the two parties, with the payment being released upon the fulfillment of the terms of the contract. The implementation of these smart contracts allow for the minimization of the need for third parties, automating this aspect and reducing overall costs of time and dollars. This way payments are sent forth automatically and contracts are closed out quicker.

What the STORM platform looks like

The Storm platform is comprised of three sections, Storm Play, Storm Shop and Storm Gigs.

In the Storm Play section, one would be able to earn by playing video games and trying out new products and services. The Storm Shop section allows for a user to earn shopping for specific services and products. The last section of Storm gigs, is, as it’s name states, the ability for users to earn by performing micro tasks that are geared for gigs like machine learning, QA testing and P2P freelance tasks. The types of individuals who can benefit from this is advertisers, individuals who would like to make some extra cash on the side, recruiters and much more.


The team has brought in people from other companies like Zynga the game maker, to make certain that they are able to meet and accomplish their vision. The team is comprised of people who are in the industry, the CEO was the founder of Bittrex. Tom Bollich, worked with Zynga and much more other team members.


Their Initial Coin offering is set to close within one day. Run on ethereum.

Fundraising Goal: 28,000,000 USD (64,321 ETH)

Sold on pre-sale: 16,500,000 USD


Visit there site for more information and to take part in the token sale

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