Taylor Are on a Mission to Make Crypto Trading Easy – TAY Token Introduced to Complete Development

TALLINN, ESTONIA – February 21, 2018 – March 22, 2018, Taylor OÜ, the company behind the Taylor smart cryptocurrency trading assistant, will launch a token sale in order to complete the development of their revolutionary application. In addition to generating the resources needed to launch their service, Taylor’s token sale, also known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), will provide investors a token (symbol TAY) that grants exclusive service discounts and benefits.

Taylor founders, Thiago Régis and Fabio Seixas are developing their smart trading assistant in order to make the lives of fellow crypto traders easier and make investing more accessible to a wider audience. With Régis leading a team of talented developers, Seixas’ entrepreneurial leadership, and the knowledgeable advisory board they have assembled, the entire Taylor team is dedicated to creating a service that enables anyone to trade cryptocurrencies, regardless of time limitations or experience.

ICOs have given innovative companies such as Taylor a new avenue to raise funds from a community of global investors. “After considering different options to realize our vision, an ICO was simply the logical choice because it offers the people who will benefit from our application a chance to be a part of the Taylor community from the very beginning,” explained Régis.

The success of the initial app test, progress on the application, and the upcoming release of the app’s beta version point to a bright future. Taylor has already raised 500 ETH in the pre-sale phase.


Investors who purchase TAY tokens in the first week of the public sale will get a 25% discount, for an initial price of 1 TAY=0.00073 ETH. The total supply of tokens is 10,000,000 of which 65.35% will be available during the public sale. There is a soft cap of 500 ETH and a hard cap of 5,960 ETH. If the soft cap is not reached, ETH raised during the public sale will be refunded. All unsold tokens left from the token sale will burned.


Taylor’s management has established a conservative goal to achieve their vision. “Working with reduced capital resources leads to healthy restrictions for business development. It forces the entrepreneur to carefully consider every decision they make while working toward the success of business in the long term,” said Seixas.

For detailed information about the token sale, including the whitepaper and project roadmap, visit the official Taylor website: https://smarttaylor.io. Follow Taylor on social media for the latest news and updates.







About Taylor

Taylor is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant – an easy-to-use trading platform that monitors major exchanges and performs technical analysis to find investment opportunities. It then signals users to a potentially profitable trade that can be entered into with the simple tap of a button. Once the trade is started, Taylor will monitor it for you, automating the process. Taylor enables anyone, regardless of trading expertise, to start profiting from the global cryptocurrency market.


Any person or entity, including anyone acting on its behalf, being based, domiciled, located or incorporated in the United States of America, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Singapore, and the People’s Republic of China (“restricted areas”), shall not use the Taylor website or Taylor tokens and shall leave the website immediately.

Taylor shall not be responsible for fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise malicious use of any tools whatsoever by persons or entities based, domiciled, located or incorporated in the restricted areas to use the website or the Taylor tokens under the semblance of provenance from any other jurisdiction outside the restricted areas.

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