The B2B platform ShareLook, that provides services for clients such as Philips, DHL, Boeing and others, invests in Vanywhere, a blockchain-based skill-sharing platform

ShareLook and Vanywhere announced today that the owners of ShareLook have invested a significant amount in Vanywhere, acquiring both equity in the company and a large quantity of VANY tokens.

ShareLook, an innovative platform for digital training resources, works with some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands including DHL, Boeing and Philips, with thousands of their employees using the ShareLook platform every day. From live broadcasts to recorded training courses, ShareLook offers its clients a unique forum for increased engagement.

Vanywhere, a blockchain-based skill sharing platform, offers live 1-on-1 interactions through video, voice and chat. These peer-to-peer services can be provided by individual “Skillers” or leveraged by businesses of any size to create an individualized, interactive customer service platform.

To this end, Vanywhere and ShareLook are partnering to create the VANY Academy, a platform to train Vanywhere Skillers in everything they need to know about being a Skiller from crafting a profile, to interacting with users. Plus with ShareLook’s corporate reach, this partnership will enable the VANY Academy to train thousands of Skillers around the world who in turn can use Vanywhere to created decentralized service and marketing centers supporting a variety of brands.

For the first time ever, businesses will have the opportunity to offer live 1-on-1 engagement with their customers  in a way that truly revolutionizes the industry. Vanywhere builds on the success of the social media influencer marketing that brands have been using to reach their audiences, and takes it to the next level by offering direct, personalized interactions with individual consumers. The next generation of marketing engagement will occur through live 1-on-1 interactions, and Vanwyhere is perfectly poised to lead this revolution. While the VANY Academy will be used for training Skillers, the Vanywhere platform will become the premier destination for personalized customer service and engagement marketing.

According to Mr. Bitan, the owner of ShareLook, the synergy between the two platforms is tremendous with the products seamlessly complementing one another. The possibilities are endless for Vanywhere to cater not just to individual users, but to small, medium and even large sized businesses as well.

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