The Gladius Network Project: Say No To DDoS Attacks

The Gladius Project is focused on fighting back against DDoS attacks and utilizing the blockchain to do so. The team at Gladius wants to be able to provide users with a decentralized CDN and DDoS Protection on the Blockchain, through an automated marketplace where you can rent out your spare bandwidth and storage, as well as purchase content delivery and DDoS protection services.

“DDoS attacks are becoming an increasing reality of operating a business with an internet presence.” These attacks can eat away significant business capital to prevent, to fight against, and to recover from. The costs also spill over into poor perception from consumers and lost time to utilize content or consume the web based product. DDoS attacks can severely erode consumer trust thus causing potential significant losses.
DDoS attacks have caused $150 billion + in losses. That’s a number that’s projected to increase as these attacks are expected become more frequent.
In the meantime a majority of computing power and bandwidth in the world goes unused. Gladius envisions a future where these vast resources can be utilized to mitigate tasks. The blockchain allows for better communication between computers and a pay as you go marketplace. By combining both aspects, Gladius can create fault tolerant and inexpensive pools tailored to a clients specific needs. Besides just filtering traffic, these pools will be able to accelerate content as well. Furthermore, Businesses won’t have to spend a significant amount of capital and can now purchase customized plans that make sense.

Gladius’s Mission

Gladius rests on the core belief that, “the increasing power of technology is a good and a bad thing, the more powerful technology gets the stronger the need to defend new vulnerabilities and weaknesses.” Gladius aims to neutralize these threats in a decentralized fashion by learning from attacks in the past. Cyber security threats occur in a decentralized manner and Gladius is focusing on threats from DDoS threats with the implementation of a high quality CDN.

How much of a problem Are DDoS attacks?

It’s not as common for the individual, but can be a growing problem for corporations. “DDoS attacks have come at a significant cost for people like Blizzard Entertainment, the BBC, and Github. The average cost of DDoS for these companies hover around 2.5 million dollars.”
A secondary benefit or an external benefit that Gladius can provide is that they can increase site speeds and response times. Content delivery networks that are implemented well can extend a site’s reach to various regions across the globe, allowing more consumers more access.
A major benefit Gladius can provide to businesses is the benefits of a more effective and efficient CDN network, in a market where CDN’s have market valued at $4.95 billion but is expected to increase 3x by 2020.

Gladius targets businesses and utilizes the blockchain to efficiently create an effective and secure CDN. This provides businesses with the ability to defend against DDoS attacks, extend their reach, improve the usability of their site and save money in the process. This helps consumers who many not have had proper access to online content in the past.

Their Goals

1st Phase – Building an initial Content Distribution and DDoS Protection Network
Phase 1 should be finished with the implementation of a complete and comprehensive network that is capable of handling several Gbs of connections per second and drastically improving site load times, this will also include their core benefit of providing multi-level protection and a private rollout to select partnered websites.
2nd Phase – Commercial Viability
Increasing the scale of the business to support the significant increase in demand. The second phase will also have more emphasis on the vetting, rating processes and the extension of smart contracts. The second phase will be a crucial part because it will be able to handle thousands of websites.

The Gladius Platform

The aim of Gladius is to create a fully decentralized, peer to peer, serverless node network to connect bandwidth and storage pols to websites looking for DDoS protection and expedited content delivery.

How will Gladius Work?
Gladius will facilitate the “large pools with hundreds, if not thousands, of nodes will then be able to handle a continuous stream of requests to validate website connections and block malicious activity.”
The role of the individual user
You, the user would be able to download the Gladius peer client in your background and you would be able to rent out your unused bandwidth and storage space and earn Gladius Tokens (GLA). Remember, that client nodes can be started up on any Linux, Windows, or MacOS and will automatically run in the background upon your choosing. You and many like you would be part of one of many localized verification pools. The reason why you would run the Gladius Peer client in the first place? Every website request that you validate will earn you Gladius Tokens. You, the user would be able to sell these tokens back to websites.
The role of the Businesses
Businesses will benefit from the protection from DDoS attacks, the cost savings, and the improved load times and speed. Businesses simply must create an account with the Gladius website, acquire Gladius Tokens and request services. When they are officially signed up, they will receive a “live request graph to monitor connections, protection and speed deltas.”

The Opportunity for Gladius
A presence online has become a fundamental, this fundamental is not going anyway time soon. Security of the internet presence is a necessity now and will become more necessary each day
as more criminal activity shifts to the web. The opportunity will come from demand through businesses in the private sector but it will also come from the public
sector as governments too will have an increasing online presence.

Gladius Token Supply
Fixed Supply of tokens, no more GLA tokens created afterwards. Tokens
will be able to be used on the Gladius network system before the
public sale. All fees will be denominated in GLA.

Final Notes
Gladius Token Public Sale will start November 1st and ETH will be accepted for GLA.
Presale is only for accredited investors.
Public Sale is open to everyone.
Phase One should begin in March 2018.


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