This post in no way constitutes any advice and if you do choose to follow our investment options do so on the understanding that we have been wrong before and there’s every chance we will be wrong again at some point in the future.

An ICO is a new way of raising funds to launch a new project, growing in popularity in the world of cryptocurrencies in recent months. A company or individual can issue a token which generally is sold for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc. which they will then use the coins they raised to fund their project/idea. The token will then be launched on an exchange (Bittrex, Binance, HitBTC etc.) and investors can then trade their tokens with other investors or choose to hold them if they believe in the project long term. An ICO however, is a completely unregulated form of raising funds and has considerably more risk than many other forms of raising capital, investors could and have lost all of their investment in previous projects and there is always a chance this could happen again. That being said ICO’s have time and time again proved a very effective way of making huge profits.

We have decided to post this update as we have had a lot of requests asking ‘what ICO’s are we investing in?’ or people asking ‘what is the best ICO to invest in?’. It appears there is a lot of demand to get an opinion on the projects others are going to be investing in. Given the huge potential profits to be made from investing in an ICO we completely understand the want for a second opinion on which ICO to invest in.

We are researching ICO’s pretty much every day looking for a new investment opportunity and we like to make sure we are making a fully informed decision before we do invest given the inherent risks associated with ICO’s.
There are a number of ICO’s that we will be investing in over the course of the next few weeks:

  • Kin – a project launched by Kik messenger looks too good of an opportunity to miss. Kin will become a new ecosystem which Kik messenger will be the first platform to work within Kin. Unfortunately the initial registration has closed with the token distribution event due to launch on 12th September it seems only a small percentage of people will be able to get involved at first. Read more about Kin
  • Paragon Coin – currently in its pre-sale Paragon Coin is due to begin its token distribution event on September 15th and with a start studded team and advisory board behind them it looks well worth the investment. Read more about Paragon Coin
  • Bankera – potentially a bit more risky as an investment but we like the vision of the prject, there is a clear roadmap and the team seems to have relevant necessary experience amongst them for what they are trying to achieve. Still in the final stages of its pre-ICO their seems to be plenty of time to get involved. To purchase Bankera tokens you need to register on SpectrocoinRead more about Bankera.
  • Real – Real ICO is among a number of real estate ICO’s which have launched, it seems to be that there are waves of new projects in which one will arise as well as a number of competitors, we believe that the real estate crowdfunding model is certainly one that will work and is worth investing in. Learn more about Real ICO

There will more than likely be more ICO’s launching over the next month but for now the above ones are of particular interest to us, let us know your thoughts and what you will be investing in.

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