The Initial Coin Offering industry has progressed. It has yielded results for a variety of projects tackling different problems in many different sectors, allowing for billions to be raised by companies previously cut off from traditional funding routes.

Yet, some investors have had some concerns, they wonder if there are more assets that are affiliated with a coin than notions of networks and other Internet and Blockchain based concepts. They wonder if the tokens issued are backed by something more concrete, such as assets.

A few projects have paid attention to these concerns and have started addressing them in a more effective manner. They’ve started issuing asset-backed tokens.

One of these projects is the Yoto Coin project.

Yoto Coin

Yoto Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency with its own blockchain and downloadable wallet, instead of being a token like many other altcoins in the marketplace, Yoto Coin functions similar to algorithms like the pioneer digital asset Bitcoin, and thus, it is not a token.

The team at Yoto coin team seeks to establish Yoto coin as the prominent digital currency for the purpose of consumption and commerce through the integration of current supply chains into their diversified asset bank.

Through this diversified asset bank, they seek to minimize issues faced in the international trade thus expanding cross-border trade and the growth of Yoto coin as well.

Furthermore, the team will make sure to maximize their risk management strategies through the option of diversification.

Their principles rest on a few key aspects:

  • Diversification to protect funds and value
  • Increased use and continuous market demand for the coin
  • Fundamental Value  through the backing of assets

The project will also have their very own exchange as well, the Yoto Exchange will be beneficial in many significant ways as it will facilitate the further trading of digital assets, allowing for more value and potential for the Yoto project.

What makes Yoto unique is the fact that it is focusing on usability as opposed to mere speculation and trading functionalities, Yoto strives to be a coin that makes sense to be used as a currency instead of as just an asset.

The Yoto coin will serve as the foundation for the Yoto ecosystem. The Yoto ecosystem will focus on investment areas ranging from education, technology, business, real estate, online shopping, travel and tours, banking, social enterprise, and hospitality to catering and web design.

The goal of the Yoto team is to secure and grow the funds that are invested with them, a significant share of ICO funds will go toward the purposes of investments and growing the allocated capital. As the investments return capital, investors will be able to see several different potential income streams.

The best part is that these investments will run in an autonomous manner and not be correlated with the other investments thus making them diversified, minimizing risk.

As the team progresses they seek to drive more interest to the adoption and circulation of their coin.

Technical Aspects of Yoto

As noted above, the Yoto coin will be similar in quite a few ways, one of the primary ways that it will follow after Bitcoin is that it will have a proof-of-work mining process. This makes the coin compelling because it can be mineable, an aspect that is not shared by many tokens.

ICO & Token Economics

The ICO will commence on May 28, 2018, and continue to July 29, 2018.

The purpose of their ICO will be able to raise funds for the purposes of research and development as well as to grow and scale the business ventures that the Yoto team has in mind.

Their coins will be priced at 1 USD and the total amount of coins that will be released for the ICO will be 45,000,000 Yoto Coins.

The total Yoto Supply will be 110,000,000 Yoto Coins.

There is an expectation for a rapid price increase from the close of the ICO to the end of next year

Register at to participate in the ICO, participants can trade in ETH or BTC in exchange for Yoto coins.

Interested individuals must also note that these coins have utility on the Yoto Platform, are fractionally divisible, will be available for trade on an exchange and has a fixed supply.

As with all projects in this new field, there are risks involved. The Yoto team understands that there are technology, legal, price, force majeure and other risks and are investors are advised to invest only what they can afford to lose.