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  • CargoX ship ico token sale review on bitguru

Reshaping The Future Of Global Trade With The World’s First Blockchain Bill Of Lading

The blockchain is coming to an industry near you, and guess what, it is coming to an industry close to you, real soon! The fact [...]

  • LCCX - London Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO Token Sale Review

Forget The London Stock Exchange, Say Hello To The London Cryptocurrency Exchange (LCCX)!

Hacking attempts are nothing new for the cryptocurrency industry, even when it comes to exchanges, the central entities that deal in these digital assets on [...]

  • EIP


EIPlatform is a large-scale platform based on the blockchain system, which allows directly linking sponsors, partners, gamers, esports fans with significant benefits and convenience for [...]

  • SEC issue more warnings over icos

What ICO Investors Can Do in Light of Increasing Government Regulation

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again demonstrated its animosity towards cryptocurrency trading and investing. Recently, the SEC issued subpoenas to about [...]

  • Ambit Mining ICO on bitGuru ICO list page

Ambit Mining – Every Bit Of Your Future Secured

The cryptocurrency industry rests on a few key tenets, decentralization and being trust-less. These powerful benefits of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are provided in [...]

  • Thaler.One Real Estate ICO Token Sale on bitGuru

Thaler, Property-Backed Stable Coin, to Power $5b Blockchain-based Investment Fund

Zurich, Switzerland - March 19, 2018 - Thaler.One, the decentralized investment fund, has announced plans to introduce a next-generation real estate marketplace powered by Thaler, [...]

  • QTUM Vanywhere

Vanywhere’s Blockchain-Based Skill Sharing Platform Announces a Major Collaboration With Qtum

Vanywhere, the skill-sharing platform that enables anyone with a marketable skill to capitalize on their knowledge and talent, is announcing today a collaboration with Qtum, [...]

  • Oil and Gas industry to adopt blockchain technology!

OILSC ICO Targets $5.08b Oil and Gas Waste Management & H2O Surplus Market

If you’ve been following the evolution and adoption of blockchain technology, it should come as no surprise that in 2018 a new ICO could be [...]

  • IP Chain ICO Token sale event on bitGuru

IPCHAIN Database Revolutionizing the Protection of IP

IPCHAIN Database ( aims to revolutionize the protection of intellectual property (IP) through the use of decentralized Blockchain technology to effectively protect the interests of [...]

  • Pickio ICO Token Sale Press Release

PickioChain – Take Back Control Of Your Data

The use of blockchain is not limited to a finite amount of sectors, and as of late, an increasing amount of projects have cemented that [...]

Eidoo: a New Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet

The ever-growing nature of the cryptocurrency industry has allowed new coins, ventures, business models, and opportunities to be introduced every other day. While some of [...]

  • AGO Play2Live P2L ICO Token sale on bitguru

Blockchain-based Streaming Platform Play2Live Successfully Broadcasted World’s First Tournament With Crypto Prize Pool

Play2Live CryptoMasters was scheduled to release of the 2.0 version of MVP with advanced player and P2P CDN, that was tested during the broadcast of [...]

  • iQueon token sale ICO Gamers bitguru press release pr

How IQeon Can Help Star Gamers Earn More Bitcoins in the Near Future

Celebrities are just like us, they need to relax and it’s not a secret that some of the most relaxing time could be spent by [...]

  • Farmatrust ico token sale on bitguru press release

FarmaTrust – Combating The Counterfeit Drugs Industry Through AI and The Blockchain

Every single day we continue to hear about the potential and the utility that the blockchain will bring to the world. We are seeing it’s [...]

  • Market Space ICO Token Sale on bitGuru Press Release

Decentralized Data Storage Platform,, Aims to Reinvent Content Delivery and Hosting — a next-generation hosting company – will develop a blockchain-based marketplace for cloud services and offer visionary content distribution tools Moscow, February 7, 2018 [...]

  • Lucd ICO Token Sale on bitguru

Gravity Jack to Provide Augmented Reality apps for Lucyd Smartglasses

The AR smartglass and software developer, is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Gravity Jack to develop AR apps for Lucyd’s [...]

  • taylor cryptocurrency trading

Taylor Are on a Mission to Make Crypto Trading Easy – TAY Token Introduced to Complete Development

TALLINN, ESTONIA – February 21, 2018 – March 22, 2018, Taylor OÜ, the company behind the Taylor smart cryptocurrency trading assistant, will launch a token [...]

Matrix: A Blockchain Platform with AI Integration

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, seeing new platforms that work with blockchain as a service methodology may not be as newsworthy anymore. [...]

  • blockhive ilp on bitguru

The Next Generation of ICO Is Here? Blockhive Introduce The ILP

We’re entering into a new world of finance and transfer of value, one that could have large implications for many current intermediaries and many individuals [...]

Meet CryptoLUX, The Cryptocurrency Fund of Funds

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, especially during the last quarter of 2017, several new financial products have emerged from this once-neglected asset class. While products [...]

  • iQEON ICO Token Sale Start Date 30th Jan

IQeon is ‘Heads Up’: ICO Starts Today! (30th Jan)

After two preICOs that were a huge success for IQeon, the team is getting closer to the main token crowdsale. IQeon managed to raise the [...]

  • IPStock ICO Token Sale on bitGuru

How These Guys From Geneva Will Change The Visual Content Industry? IPStock

The modern world is dynamically changing from day to day. New technologies are emerging regularly and old ones are rapidly developing, improving and adding convenient [...]

  • Fastinvest ICO Token Sale token review

Want to Become an Investor Easily? Try FastInvest!

Everyone wants to be like Warren Buffet, but not many people have the business acumen, the skills, or the time to learn those skills. So, [...]

  • Blitzpredit ico token sale image

This Blockchain Sportsbook Aggregator Could Revolutionize the Betting Industry

Statistica has predicted that the online sports betting market will be worth a whopping $56.7 billion by 2018. This is the same amount as Costa [...]

  • e-Pocket crypto mobile platfrom

Everything You need Is In Your e-Pocket

e-Pocket is an advanced mobile platform that delivers sophisticated payment solutions through a range of sectors including, Retail, Hospitality and Event management, E-billing and Marketing. [...]

  • Abyss DAICO ICO

The Abyss Aims to Conduct the World’s First DAICO, A New Protection Mechanism For ICO Contributors, Raised By Vitalik Buterin

The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform with the vision to create a crypto reward ecosystem for millions of gamers and developers January 11, [...]

  • MachtCoin ico press release on bitguru token sale

MachtCoin – The Sports Betting, Trading and Travel & Tourism Platforms on The Blockchain!

What is Machtcoin? A project that is seeking to jump into the world of adrenaline and bring that to the blockchain. How? They will be [...]

  • AdHive ICO Token Sale on bitGuru

AdHive – The First AI-Controlled Influencer Marketing Platform

The wonderful world of advertising evolves on a regular basis, evolution in this world of advertising is not a matter of want, or of luxury, [...]

RepuX: Decentralize Your Data

Data and its Significance Data is everything. Data plus the ability to execute on that data gave Amazon and continues to give Amazon its edge [...]

JoyToken: The Solution to the Gaming Industry’s Problems

Joytoken states that they are an infrastructure protocol for the gaming industry. So what exactly does that mean? Well, let’s look at the current system [...]

  • canya ico token sale hodlers club on bitguru

CanYa Sets a New Standard for Future ICOs – The HODLers Club

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have emerged as one of the hottest and most controversial aspects of the cryptocurrency space. In recent months, they have become [...]

  • IQeon ICO token sale on bitGuru

On the Verge of Revolution in the World of Intellectual Games

According to statistics, 97% of players are not able to monetize their winnings and achievements, so to say, convert them into fiat money. Those who [...]

  • Rentberry token sale on btiguru ico

RentBerry: Disruptive Home Rental Platform!

The US has always been the nation of immigrants. In 2015, according to the latest OECD data, the inflow of foreigners to the US was [...]

  • what is Storm Token Storm ICO

Storm Token – Earn From Anywhere, From Any Device!

Storm, it’s like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, but decentralized and gamified. Their motto is, "earn from anywhere, at anytime, from any device". The company states that [...]

  • echat ICO token sale on bitguru

Decentralised Anonymous Messenger With Built In Crypto Wallet – eChat!

Lately an application named e-Chat appeared in the center of attention of users from different corners of the world as well as reputable publishers and [...]

  • OPSKins Wax OPSkins ICO

Opskins: Raising more than $40 Million to WAX

OPSkins is a company and website that allows you to buy and sell steam marketplace skins and items on the world's largest skin market. This [...]

  • Darico ICO Token Sale

Gold-backed Darico gets set for unalloyed ICO success!

Zurich: Darico, the asset-backed cryptocurrency that’s been designed to provide aspiring investors with easy-access to crypto investment, is set to press the “Go” button on [...]

  • solar bankers sun coin

With The Launch Of Sun Coin, Solar Bankers Take On The World’s Energy Giants.

Zurich, Switzerland: Solar Bankers, a mature company that has the world’s slovenly and inefficient energy markets in its sights, has launched SunCoin in an [...]

  • Ethersport ICO Logo

EtherSport: Sports Betting Gets A Taste Of Blockchain

What is EtherSport? EtherSport is a new London-based sports betting initiative. What separates EtherSport from the existing sports betting platforms is that it is a [...]

  • What is BitDegree blockchain education blockchain based education

BitDegree: Revolutionizing education with blockchain

BitDegree touts itself as the world's first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition. Many feel that education could use some [...]

  • neuromation ico token sale

Neuromation Artificial Intelligence Learning Blockchain Project with Cryptonomos

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish there was a way for me to filter through the myriad ICO's on the market and focus [...]

  • zaber coin ico token sale

ZaberCoin: The Coin that’s backed by Hard, Real Estate Assets

An Introduction to Zabercoin Zabercoin is an Asset backed ERC20 Ethereum token developed by Cryptocurrency Engineers. It prides itself with a dynamic and efficient management team [...]

  • What is Vezt blockchain music project

VEZT: A solution for the troubled music industry

The music industry has been troubled by the disruptions caused by the internet. After the glory days of selling many vinyl's and discs the [...]

  • HealthHeart blockchain EHR Electronic health records

HealthHeart: Electronic Health Record Blockchains

The aim of HealthHeart is to transform the management and security of electronic health records. The company differentiates itself from other emergency health records [...]

  • Bitcoin Classic have pulled the plug on their project

The Brief Wondrous Life of Bitcoin Classic

What is Bitcoin Classic? Bitcoin Classic is a fork of the Bitcoin reference implementation Bitcoin Core, that aims to increase Bitcoin's transaction processing capacity by [...]

  • OriginTrail supply chains blockchain supply chain blockchain

OriginTrail: First Purpose-Built Protocol for Supply Chains Based on Blockchain

At the present moment, there's a lot of confusion going on in the supply chain sphere. Yet, there's a solution. That solution is blockchain based [...]

  • Kin ico Token sale event by Kik disappoints Kin Update

Kin Token Has Dissapointed So Far As Investors Are Down Around 60%

Kin token event by Kik Just a couple of months ago the globally used messenger app known as ‘Kik’ announced they would be launching a [...]

  • FidentiaX new ICO for traceable insurance policies

FidentiaX – Disrupting the world of Tradable Insurance

The synopsis FidentiaX is the world’s first marketplace for tradable insurance policies. Our vision is to create a trading marketplace and repository of insurance policies [...]

  • lendoit ico token sale

Better, Smarter, Simpler Loans Through LENDOIT

Lendoit is a company that seeks to provide a platform that’s powered through the blockchain which connects lenders and lendees through a better system. [...]

  • Ripio Credit Network ICO

Ripio Credit Network – $37 Million ICO

The Ripio Token Sale BitPagos which is now known as Ripio has just finalised their Initial Crowd Offering of $37mm, via contributions of 121,300 [...]

  • What is Quantstamp Smart contract auditing

QuantStamp : A stamp for quants

QuantStamp believes in “the future of smart contracts and are building a foundational technology to protect users and investors – with scalable proofs-of-audit. Quantstamp is [...]

  • Oyster ico - IOTA Tangle project silently generate website revenue

Take A Look At Oyster! Powered By The IOTA Tangle

Why are we talking about Oysters? Well, Oyster is a fairly new company that enables websites to silently generate traffic revenue as visitors perform [...]

  • TenX update, TenX Cards

TenX (PAY): Card Updates, Global card supplier and more!

Intro and Recap : TenX was founded in 2015 by three cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Toby Hoenisch, Paul Kittiwonsunthorn, and Dr Julian Hosp. Their goal was to [...]

  • what is the Lynx netowrk, Use Ethereum free

What Is The Lynx Network: How You Can Use Ethereum For Free

Most of us by now have heard of DAO's (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). No one doubts their benefit to society but their true potential has yet to [...]

  • What is UTRUST alternative to PayPal

Why would you need Paypal if UTRUST?

What is UTRUST? UTRUST is aiming to be an online payment platform which provides buyers with the ability to pay [...]

  • What is DMarket in game items marketplace

Want Another Reason To Play Video Games? Check Out DMarket

What’s better than receiving demand for your trinkets from other players within game? Having demand for your virtual items outside of the game. This means [...]

  • What is Cointed

What Is Cointed? & Why You Need To Know About It

Cointed exists to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into the real world. There is a growing community of people that are aware of the promise of value [...]

  • Metal blockchain payment system to rival PayPal

Metal (MTL) Could Rival PayPal Very Soon

Metal (MTL) is a name you are likely to become familiar with very soon... Since 2002 when eBay first purchased PayPal the value has not [...]

  • Top ICOs in November

The 3 Top ICOs to Look Out For in November

November Top ICOs Cryptocurrency, and its associated technologies like blockchain, have been really breaking into the mainstream recently. As this has happened, a wave of [...]

  • ico token sale project on the blockchain

Blocklancer – Freelance Platform based on Blockchain

The world of freelancing is an extremely competitive and unforgiving space. There are several big freelance companies like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer who have [...]


You Can Now Use Your CryptoAssets As Collateral Using CoinLoan

Day by day cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are opening up new doorways. Whether it is security, insurance or digital finance. We are entering into [...]

  • DS Plus Review from bitGuru

DS Plus Could Be About To Revolutionize Coupon Apps

The problem: How can DS Plus help? Mobile devices have completely changed the way we do a lot of things. As little kids, we watched [...]

  • OmiseGo Update what is OmiseGo

OmiseGo Update: One Of Our Top Investments

OmiseGo (OMG) is a public financial technology which uses blockchain technology for use in mainstream digital wallets. looking to ‘unbanked the banked’ OmiseGo is the [...] – Beware Of Possible Scam is a resource anyone can use in order to create a printable paper Bitcoin wallet. A paper wallet is supposedly the most secure way [...]

Trading Focus Update Including OMG, NEO, Ethereum and Monacoin

Trading Focus Is Back It has been a while since we updated our trading focus, and we decided now was a great time to pick [...]


After finishing their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token sale on 17th August 2017, the Agrello platform's ERC20 DELTA tokens were temporarily trading on an IOU [...]


Israeli blockchain startup Spheris has started its highly anticipated crowdsale. The team has released a pre-alpha public software version of two platform components, Catalog and [...]


Our focus at the moment is still very much on some new projects currently in their token sale events. It seems to be that the [...]


This post in no way constitutes any advice and if you do choose to follow our investment options do so on the understanding that we [...]


Please note any information laid out in this article is speculation only. We're not trading professionals and your money is of course at risk if [...]


Agrello recently finished the ICO token sale, and today tokens, known as Delta have been released into investor's accounts. The Artificial Intelligence legally binding smart [...]


After being faily stagnant for a number of months, ​Dash surprised everybody a few weeks ago by having a sudden price increase of over 100%! Now [...]


While a large percentage if the cryptocoins seem to continue on upward trends our attention throughout today has certainly been the breakthrough for Litecoin increasing [...]

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