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  • cryptofuse press release worlds first offline blockchain

Introducing The Worlds First Offline Blockchain

Since Bitcoin was first developed back in 2009, the global payments industry is starting to look very different. Blockchain technology has paved the way for [...]

  • Bancor cargocoin

CargoCoin Integrating Bancor Protocol To Provide Liquidity For the Transport and Logistics Industry

CargoCoin, a transport & logistics blockchain platform that will facilitate the sea freight, inland transportation and air cargo companies, announced its integration of the Bancor [...]

The Final Stage of the Bitbon System Crowdsale from Simcord Company

Simcord Company is a large international holding certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Simcord has been successfully conducting activity in the field of high [...]

  • ABBC Airdrop!

Alibabacoin Foundation Releases Multi-crypto Wallet after Huge ICO Success

The Alibabacoin Foundation is celebrating the historic release of their long-anticipated Multi-crypto Wallet with a massive airdrop event. The innovative team of blockchain specialists at [...]

  • world cup blockchain lottery

Ares Tech Launching 2018 World Cup Game Blockchain Lottery

2018 is certainly a highly unusual year for the FIFA World Cup: the first time it would be hosted in Russia, and the first time [...]

  • Alexa and Amazon's Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa Supercharged with Vanywhere and Cryptocurrency could be a Game Changer

Alexa and the Amazon Echo family of products are some of the important innovations of the last decade and have revolutionized the virtual assistant market. [...]

  • sharelook

The B2B platform ShareLook, that provides services for clients such as Philips, DHL, Boeing and others, invests in Vanywhere, a blockchain-based skill-sharing platform

ShareLook and Vanywhere announced today that the owners of ShareLook have invested a significant amount in Vanywhere, acquiring both equity in the company and a [...]

  • monvid decentralized video streaming ico token sale

Monvid.io: The Next Generation Decentralized Streaming Platform

Monvid.io aims to revolutionize the online streaming industry by providing blockchain based, decentralized solutions that will ensure transparency at every step and will bring about [...]

  • ABBC Alibabacoin foundation

Alibabacoin Foundation is organizing their latest event from 15th June to 14th July to give away 50,000,000 ABBC coins to the public

One of the rapidly growing blockchain based company Alibabacoin Foundation is all set to hold their latest event from 15th June to 14th July, through [...]

  • Qravity ico token sale

How Edgar Allan Poe Inspired a Composer to Build a Blockchain Platform for Creatives – Qravity

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before Lifestyles of the Poor [...]

  • Thaler.One Real Estate ICO Token Sale on bitGuru

Thaler.One Brings Blockchain Benefits to Transform Real Estate Investing

Thaler.One is launching a blockchain real estate platform, offering institutional and private investors the combination of high-grade European real estate investment with the liquidity, flexibility [...]

  • Zeex platform

The Original Purpose of Cryptocurrencies is Being Fulfilled

Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies were never intended to be instruments for rampant speculation. To be sure, there is the “store of value” argument [...]

  • sharering ico token sale on bitguru

ShareRing Gains Tailwind From Its Inclusion Into The MOBI Automotive Consortium

Australian blockchain startup ShareRing has been announced as one of the founding companies of MOBI, a new consortium aiming to integrate blockchain technology into the [...]

  • TNcoin ico token sale banner on bitGuru ICO page

TNcoin – The Real Estate Investment Platform Which Allows For The Tokenization of Real Estate Assets

TNCoin is the latest addition to the cryptocurrency world with a claim to base its operations not on a new commodity that will take years [...]

Tutellus – Using The NEM Blockchain To Teach The World Languages!

Tutellus is a blockchain based, online Spanish education platform that aims to incentivize the opportunities for learning, teaching, and sharing valuable knowledge throughout the world. [...]

  • EIP Platform logo on bitGuru press release

Competitive Gaming Project EIPlatform To Officially Launch EMI Token Presale Phase Tomorrow (May 14, 2018)

EIPlatform is developing a blockchain based platform to enable direct interaction between brands, participants and audience in the esports sector. They announce the Presale Phase [...]

  • AI Trading logo on bitguru token review ico

AITrading, AI-powered Trading Ecosystem, Announces Crowdfunding Campaign

AITrading has announced today the Crowdfunding Campaign to raise a funds for its trading platform that combines and facilitates interactions of market newcomers, professional traders, [...]

  • dehedge

DateCoin And DeHedge Have Signed a Hedge Agreement For a Limited Volume Of DTC Tokens

DateCoin and the DeHedge hedging platform have signed an agreement to hedge a limited volume (2 M tokens) of DTC tokens. The official signing ceremony [...]

  • CargoX ship ico token sale review on bitguru

Reshaping The Future Of Global Trade With The World’s First Blockchain Bill Of Lading

The blockchain is coming to an industry near you, and guess what, it is coming to an industry close to you, real soon! The fact [...]

  • LCCX - London Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO Token Sale Review

Forget The London Stock Exchange, Say Hello To The London Cryptocurrency Exchange (LCCX)!

Hacking attempts are nothing new for the cryptocurrency industry, even when it comes to exchanges, the central entities that deal in these digital assets on [...]

  • EIP


EIPlatform is a large-scale platform based on the blockchain system, which allows directly linking sponsors, partners, gamers, esports fans with significant benefits and convenience for [...]

  • SEC issue more warnings over icos

What ICO Investors Can Do in Light of Increasing Government Regulation

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again demonstrated its animosity towards cryptocurrency trading and investing. Recently, the SEC issued subpoenas to about [...]

  • Ambit Mining ICO on bitGuru ICO list page

Ambit Mining – Every Bit Of Your Future Secured

The cryptocurrency industry rests on a few key tenets, decentralization and being trust-less. These powerful benefits of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are provided in [...]

  • Thaler.One Real Estate ICO Token Sale on bitGuru

Thaler, Property-Backed Stable Coin, to Power $5b Blockchain-based Investment Fund

Zurich, Switzerland - March 19, 2018 - Thaler.One, the decentralized investment fund, has announced plans to introduce a next-generation real estate marketplace powered by Thaler, [...]

  • QTUM Vanywhere

Vanywhere’s Blockchain-Based Skill Sharing Platform Announces a Major Collaboration With Qtum

Vanywhere, the skill-sharing platform that enables anyone with a marketable skill to capitalize on their knowledge and talent, is announcing today a collaboration with Qtum, [...]

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