Tron Test Net Launch and tron coin burn is just a week away

Tron, a decentralized content creation and sharing platform which also has its own token, TRX, is gearing up to launch its test net within a week.

The network, which dubs itself as being a “Web 4.0 Blockchain DApp Platform”, is based on the idea of letting its users develop and disseminate entertainment content in a decentralized setting, where it could be distributed amongst other users effectively.

Tron test net is here

With the launch of the test net, interested users will be able to see Tron’s functionalities in action, where they would be able to develop and execute smart contracts and related apps to determine how effective Tron could be for the execution of their ideas.

Since the tron test net is reported to be very similar to the main net, it will provide an effective demonstration of Tron’s real world utilization to interested developers before the main net is launched a month later.

Tron talks the talk, and now aims to walk the walk as well

With the integration of multiple DApps within its platform and having their users be able to utilize its functionalities, Tron also claims that it has the most users in the world for a blockchain based DApp platform. In case you were wondering, the figure in question goes over 4 million users.

Tron’s supporters also claim that the platform is highly scalable and executing smart contracts through it would be far easier and faster than its more popular counterparts, such as Ethereum.

With the launch of Tron’s test net, the platform’s developers and supporters aim to show the world that they are not just making bold claims but are able to back them with a powerhouse product.

Tron will also hold a coin burn

Along with launching its test net, Tron will be holding a coin burn event which will see a decrease in the existing supply of Tron’s native token – as the platform had planned to do earlier.  

By reducing the amount of its token supply, Tron is aiming to increase the market value of remaining tokens. It remains to be seen how it will actually turn out for the new platform.

This tron coin burn and launch will be a big deal for investors and it might lead to a quick large spike in the price of the cryptocurrency. The tron coin burn will be interesting to see, as it will show how coin burns have an affect on the price of the token and if traders are able to profit from the anticipated events or not.

Tron has many skeptics and it may be interesting for a short term trade.

Are you an investor in the project? Are you planning to quickly trade the token? What are your thoughts on Tron? Are you excited for the tron developments?

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