Tron Wallet DApp Live, First Big Update Since Tron Mainnet Launch

Tron has been quite a regular feature in cryptocurrency news recently, after successfully launching their mainnet on 31st May, 2018. Well now in recent Tron news, the official Tron wallet DApp is now live.

The Tron foundation had now launched the first version of their Tron Wallet DApp. It appears at this stage the wallet is simply available for testing as the website does state NOT to deposit any TRX into your wallet.

Please apply for testing TRX.

Do not deposit the TRX to the wallet, otherwise the TRX may be lost.

The Tron wallet allows users to deposit TRX tokens and any other tokens currently on Tron’s mainnet. The wallet is also available across a variety of platform and can be downloaded or accessed directly via the internet.

Tron has been making some major moves in the last few months, the mainnet quite possible the most anticipated update. Then the release of the official Tron Wallet is perfectly in line with their roadmap so far. Not to mention Tron already has a handful of live DApps on their platform, along with their own explorer to track; transactions, wallets, block heights etc.

Tron is a blockchain based open source project that will have a global digital entertainment protocol that is a cross – protocol for digital entertainment. The team states that they are followers of Tim Berners Lee, a pioneer of the web, and seek to deploy a decentralized, trustworthy application with smart contracts empowered by the blockchain, infused with digital values that shared by everyone. They are seeking to build the next era of the web, a 4.0.

Tron currently handles 2,000 transactions per second, far more than both Ethereum and Bitcoin. The future for Tron is certainly looking bright but it remains to be seen what direction the entire cryptocurrency market is heading right now.

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